Vince August Comes Home

By Vince August Productions (other events)

Friday, November 30 2018 9:00 PM 10:30 PM

Vince August, stand up comedian-actor, comes to his home town of Hackensack, New Jersey to headline his largest event venue to date.  See Vince perform an hour of his best unique, raw and honest comedic take on his life experiences and the world.  Currently The Daily Show with Trevor Noah warm up comedian he is also know for his appearances on ABC Primetime "What Would You Do?" 

Vince made international headlines in 2013 when he gave up a potential career as a Judge to continue the pursuit of his true passion of comedy and acting.  Dubbed the "Joking Judge" by the media for being the one and only lawyer and stand up comedian to be appointed to the bench as a 'real' Judge.  Vince eventually got the last laugh when he became the regular audience warm up comic for the Daily Show with Trevor Noah invited to join the crew at this year's Emmys.  Vince continues to pursue the eventual production of his own television show "Vince August...You Be The Judge."

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